About Us

Cartographia Ltd. has been the leading map-making company in Hungary for more than 60 years. Its maps and atlases are well known all around the world. The main product lines for a worldwide export activity are European Road Map, International City Map and World Travel Map series. Each map contains lot's of information, precise quality mapping, index and legend in at least English, German and French.

Cartographia Ltd. produces a big variety of maps and guides for the domestic market as well: maps and atlases of Budapest and Hungary, a wide range of  tourist maps and atlases, maps of Hungarian cities and also a wide range of travel guides.

Cartographia maps are available in most countries of Europe and also in other continents like America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Beside the export of its own publications Cartographia is ready to make digital maps according to specifications.

In the information and knowledge based society of the 21th century we would like to serve the consumers with relevant information and creative solutions in the field of tourism, provide adequate information for the daily travelling activity. The knowledge and experience of our six decades are implemented and modernised in our new digital service, funiq.eu. It is an online, map-based active touristical portal with a continually updated and expanded database of tours (especially bicycle tours).

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